Monday, May 20, 2013


We've created this blog to help La Grange Public Library staff share "What We Learned" at conferences and workshops.

In 2013, the Library Board generously approved for every staff member to attend one conference, whether it be Reaching Forward, American Library Association (ALA), or Illinois Library Association (ILA).  In order for everyone on staff to share their experiences, we're asking each staff member to create a short blog post about the conference/workshops they attend.

In order to post, you'll need to create a login using the link you received in your email (for those of you who attended ALA).  Usually your login is your email address, and you set your own password.  

When you post, be sure to sign your name at the bottom, so we know who posted!  Give us a minimum of 2-3 sentences about what you learned.  What did you like?  Did you see anything you think the library should implement?  If you attended multiple workshops, you might write a short paragraph about the ones that interested you most.  

If you need help posting to the blog, check with Jeannie!

NOTE TO ALL STAFF:  If you didn't attend ALA, we still encourage you to read the blog posts, and to add your thoughts in the comments!