Friday, November 8, 2013

Illinois Library Association 2013 Meeting

I was able to attend three meeting at this years ILA, as well as explore the various vendor exhibits.

While each meeting was very interesting, I really lucked out at being able to attend Tumbling and Pinning which was presented by Kevin Toomey (Skokie Public Library) and Kate Tkacik (Bank of Montreal).

Since we have already been playing around with Pinterest here at the Library, I was really hoping to find out if Tumblr might be a better a choice for us.  And it is!  Many libraries have had large successes with engaging new (and younger) users, including Tumblr users who may not even be a member of their Library's community.  I was very impressed by the ease of use and the large amount of creativity we can use as staff members to create a unique Tumblr log for La Grange. I am really looking forward to talking with various departments about the different ideas they may have for our own Tumblr.

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