Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Learned At ILA - Beth Lukaszewicz

From the Elusive Library Non-User presentation, I learned the only way to attract library users is to know your community and understand its needs.  A library was finally able to reach its growing Hispanic community by offering literacy, ESL, and citizenship programs.  Another library was able to increase its users by simply rearranging the furniture to expose the outlets so people could charge the devices they brought with them.

I also attended “Five Million and Counting:  Serving the Growing Number of People with Alzheimer’s in Your Community.”  The presenting library has a program designed to stimulate memories through travel books, food, and activities.  So many of our patrons seem to be seniors, and it made me think how nice it would be if we could have an outreach program of some sort to include some of our older patrons once they can no longer come on their own.  We are always reaching out to the children, why not their grandparents too?

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