Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ALA Conference 2013 Leslie Hartoonian

Giada de Laurentis: Speaking about her new young adult series.
This series draws on her childhood of being surrounded by stories, culture and food. They are adventure stories that will be set in different counties, 2 in the fall another 2 in 2014. At Q & A someone asked her favorite cookbooks, they were Ina Garden and Martha Stewart.

In this main area we were also able to see Temple Grandin signing books. Amazing woman and story and was thrilled just to see her in person. 

  1. Demco: furniture samples and also on display was an Automated Materials Handling System. This is used with RFID tags for automated returns. I know this was in some of the remodel plans for the library, nice to see how compact it can be.
  2. Inclentive: samples of RFID tags they make were on display.
  3. STACK MAP: Technology that works with the catalog to show an instant map of where the item is located in the library.
  4. Kapco: Company that has protective coverings and reinforced bindings for libraries. (Seemed labor intensive and expensive.)
  5. Innovative: On display screens of the new system.
  6. RAILS : stopped off here.
  7. Cooking stage: Where there is smoke there is fire. Signing and samples BBQ and smoking cookbook.
  8. Ingram/Baker and Taylor walked through these distributors areas.
  9. Many publishers booths!

Thanks for the opportunity.
Leslie Hartoonian

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  1. Thanks for pointing out StackMap, Leslie. I had never heard of it and was curious to see it in action. Here's a link to a demo: Sounds like a useful feature for large libraries especially.